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As we are a community-based project, we have decided to base our timeline on the number of holders, not on the passage of time.

July 2021

  • The start of the project
  • The purchase of the domains
  • Website development
  • Social Media profiles creation
  • Smart Contract development
  • Pancake Swap listing
  • Launch of marketing activities


0-10K Holders

Undertaking marketing activities designed to promote the project. Burning 1% of coins each time another thousand users join the project

STATUS from November 2021:

Holders – almost 9k

Telegram group: about 1800 people

Twitter account followers about 8000 people

We are listed on FEGEX, MintMe and PancakeSwap

We are on CoinGeko, CoinMarketCap, TrustedWallet








Coin Market Cap: 






10-50K Holders

New crypto exchanges listing, continuing marketing activities, coin burning at a rate of 10% once ten thousand users join

75K Holders

Kick off with coin development


We want to create proof-of-sport blockchain. Each of users having our app will be a live human crypto digger. As we promote nature and healthy lifestyle – we will provide our apps and partners apps which will give you opportunity to turn your mobile phone into our blockchain network. Outcome – the more active you are the more you can get.

To ensure it is not boring, and you are not just walking, running, riding, going to the gym – we will promote a diverse approach towards the activity. If you do many of different activities we give you higher value awards.

What are the awards? Line in other blockchain systems – you get CON as main award. BUT it is not everything – imagine that in our games you have access to different characters (you can win them being active, or you can buy them). If you collect given characters – you get access to more levels, special levels or even games.

You can play on MOBILE, but also after connecting accounts you can immerse in Virtual Reality prepared for you.

Important thing to mention is that those characters in games are not just random… They are endangered species from all around the globe.

YES – we want to promote awareness of the nature and our planet. We want you to understand what is happening here.

100K Holders

Transfer tokens to coins

When coin is ready, network is in place, and we have enough capacity – we start swap.

100K+ Holders

1000 trees funded by the project.

With your help we will find a place to plant 1000 trees. For a greater good. And we want to repeat this approach to make this planet remarkable again. To save endangered species.

150K Holders

Earn coins by sport

We want not only to provide our apps, but also integrate with partners. Will we make it? We will definitely do our best to ensure you can use your favorite sport tracker and in the meantime still be part of our network.

250K Holders

Trading support platform powered by AI

How to ensure you will not waste your money? We want to use AI and ML algorithms to provide you with trading bots. They will alert you when something wrong is happening. Also – we will engage with traders, so you can follow their moves (or trader of your choice moves) instantly. Our algorithms will learn from them and evolve. If we find this experiment having still too much of risk to let it work alone – there will be a constant monitoring of its work.

Those algorithms are foundation of new exchange.

250K+ Holders

Exchange Go live

We want to use our algorithms, traders and all the knowledge combined to create first sustainability oriented exchange.

We will provide sustainability ranking next to each of the coins so you are aware in what you invest.

We plan also to create CoinOfNatureWallet, NatureWallet or any other name – it will consist of different coins and their sustainability index. If the coin is there it means that it was checked by us at given moment in time.

Anything more?


Each month 1% of the crypto exchange’s revenue will be deposited into this fund. Consequently, the funds collected will be used to cover any losses. In addition, the exchange will employ AI and ML solutions to protect users from risky or dangerous trades. However, AI and ML solutions will also be used to secure the crypto exchange against hacking.

Coin of Nature is a project whose founders feel responsible for our planet, so once a quarter the team will donate 1% of the crypto exchange’s revenue to nature conservation organizations.

Moreover, coin holders will be offered additional benefits on the exchange (to be specified at a later date).

The project team also points out that a series of lectures conducted by professional traders and analysts will be held in order to broaden the knowledge of the crypto exchange users in the field of finance and cryptocurrencies.


Sounds good? BUY AND HOLD!

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