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As we are a community-based project, we have decided to base our timeline on the number of holders, not on the passage of time.

July 2021

  • The start of the project
  • The purchase of the domains
  • Website development
  • Social Media profiles creation
  • Smart Contract development
  • Pancake Swap listing
  • Launch of marketing activities


0-10K Holders

Undertaking marketing activities designed to promote the project. Burning 1% of coins each time another thousand users join the project

10-50K Holders

New crypto exchanges listing, continuing marketing activities, coin burning at a rate of 10% once ten thousand users join

75K Holders

Kick off with coin development

100K Holders

Transfer tokens to coins

100K+ Holders

1000 trees funded by the project

150K Holders

Earn coins by sport

250K Holders

Trading support platform powered by AI

250K+ Holders

Exchange Go live

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